今が旬!「鯵」のなめろう Aji no NAMEROU – Eating Raw Horse Mackerel with Miso

「なめろう」とは What is “Namerou”?


“NAMEROU” is a local cuisine around Boso peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. This is a kind of Japanese tartare using raw fish. Originally it was fishermen’s dish and cooked on the boat right after fishing them. Main ingredients are raw fish like Aji (horse mackerel), Sanma (saury) or Saba (mackerel), miso, green onion and ginger. Shiso (herb – part of the mint family), soy sauce, sake or mirin can be added as an optional flavor. The fish is chopped and mixed with miso, ginger and green onion.


These combination ingredients remove the fishy smell, and miso also extract umami flavor from the fish! The most popular namerou is “Aji no Namerou(Namerou of Horse mackerel)”, and the best season for Aji is spring and summer. Now Aji no Namero is very popular dish other than Chiba, so you can enjoy this dish at fish restaurants or izakaya (Japanese pub) across Japan. Try and enjoy!

Aji no Namerou

Shiso – part of the mint family, cultivated in Asia. It is commonly used as the flavor for sushi or sashimi in Japan.



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