外国人が選ぶ東京の鮨店15選 / The 15 Best Places for Sushi in Tokyo | SUSHI TIMES

外国人が選ぶ東京の鮨店15選 / The 15 Best Places for Sushi in Tokyo


Tokyo sushi restaurant ranking by FOURSQUARE!

1.魚べい 渋谷道玄坂店 Uobei

道玄坂2-29-11 (第六セントラルビル 1F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Dōgenzaka · 169 tips and reviews

The line looks long, but moves super fast. It’s awesome ordering from the tablet and the sushi comes really quick. Loved the nigiri and you definitely have to try the hamburger nigiri.

Very fresh sushi, excellent ambience 🙂 location is great too, right behind shibuya 109. very reasonable prices and so much fun ordering on screens. Loved this place!

Excellent sushi abs a great experience. Not the widest or craziest selection but totally worth it given the experience.

2. すしざんまい 本店 Sushizanmai

築地4-11-9, Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Tsukiji · 162 tips and reviews

Excellent maguro! All other sushi were absolutely fresh and delicious

Great sushi, duh! But they also have other great dishes, check the seasonal menus here. The prices are pretty good too!

Absolutely amazing sushi, try the fatty tuna. Get a sushi bar seat and watch the guys work their magic. 🍣🍣

3. 大和寿司 Daiwa Sushi

築地5-2-1 (魚がし横丁6号館), Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Tsukiji · 92 tips and reviews

If you’re not sure what to get, go for the ‘omakase’. ¥3500 for some of the freshest, best sushi you’ll ever have. The uni and o-toro are favourites. Ditch Sushi Dai (next door) and come here instead!

Daiwa is one of the best, if not, the best sushi outlet in Tsukiji Market. Be prepared to queue for ages, and dine in cramped spaces, but you’ll get the freshest, sweet and delectable morsels ever!

We showed up at 6am, waited 45 mins and had the best sushi OF OUR LIVES! Make friends in line, enjoy the experience and go for seconds on the tuna. It’s out of this world.

4.築地市場 Tsukiji Market

築地5-2-1, Tokyo, Tokyo
Market · Tsukiji · 275 tips and reviews

Ate at Daiwa Sushi, you should too. Best sushi I’ve ever had. The restaurant is a sushi bar with maybe ten seats. The sushi chef reaches over the bar to put fresh sushi on your plate. Worth the wait.

Come and choose a sushi shop to get fresh sushi meal here! No need to wait for 1-2 hours to get in those famous shops. The very first Yoshinoya gyudon shop is also in Tsukiji Market!

It’s a must to come to this place when u’re in Tokyo..sashimi & other seafoods are so fresh & delicious😍

5. 銀座 久兵衛 Ginza Kyubey

銀座8-7-6, Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Ginza · 83 tips and reviews

The lunch omakase is an incredible bargain for such high quality sushi!

One of the best sushi places in Tokyo if not the world. They are pricy but if u are into sushi, save up and go try this place

Lunch omakase was fantastic. Raw (still beating!) shrimp, garlic topped sushi, etc. Everything was excellent.

6.寿司大 Sushi Dai

築地5-2-1 (築地卸売市場6号館), Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Tsukiji · 94 tips and reviews

Omakase at 6am, and it was the best sushi of my life!!!

Best sushi ever eaten, but be ready for 2 hours cueing from 5 AM. Toro nigiri (finest tuna) is just amazing!

This was the best meal I’ve had. For sushi lovers should be an obligated visit, the only risk is you will remember the amazing sushi when you are 9000km away from Tokyo. Waited 3 hours on line :S

7. 美登利総本店 渋谷店 Midori

道玄坂1-12-3 (マークシティイースト 4F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Dōgenzaka · 105 tips and reviews

Super fresh & yummy sushi in town! Must visit!!

Probably the best price/quality ratio sushi that you’ll ever find!! Sushi sets come with salad, steamed egg & miso soup.

Get here early! Even if you go right at noon, the wait is well over an hour. The sushi here is amazing – try the omakase for $25, or order your favorites from the menu. The otoro aburi is mind-blowing

8.元気寿司 渋谷店 Genki Sushi

宇田川町24-8 (レジャープラザビル 1F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Udagawa-cho · 69 tips and reviews

Fantastic sushi place! Try the hamburger sushi, it’s a favorite for me!

Free self-refill ocha by your table + all the sushi is fresh + fried chicken with bones are juicy + jumbo prawn nigiri is superb 😘

The best cost x benefit sushi I had in Japan. Fresh, fast and consistent sushi the two times I went.

9. 梅丘寿司の美登利総本店 銀座店 Umegaoka Sushi no Midori

銀座7-2先 (東京高速道路山下ビル 1F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Ginza · 50 tips and reviews

Great sushi at a good price! Loved the seared-toro 🙂

Fresh and big piece of sushi! Impressed service from Chef. Love all sushi esp. Otoro!

Wonderful sushi taste at shopping walking street

10. 築地場外市場 Tsukiji Outer Market

築地4, Tokyo, Tokyo
Fish Market · Tsukiji · 110 tips and reviews

Diane Lucille S.Diane Lucille Suarez: Eating sushi here is a must! Most go to sushi dai but I went to the one on the other end and it was fantastic

After a big Friday night we drunkenly queued for the 5am Tuna Auction (epic) before running through the market and finally curing our hangover with fresh sushi (and a beer) at one of the restaurants.

Sushi here is a must try and die for!! Freshest sushi I have ever eaten. Big like to the master chief of #sushidaiwa who served us great sushi and big smile ❤️🇯🇵

11. すきやばし次郎 六本木ヒルズ店 Sukiyabashi Jiro

六本木6-12-2 (六本木けやき坂通り 3F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Roppongi · 24 tips and reviews
Smarty B.Smarty Boey: Excellent sushi. The chef and his assistant are fluent in English, and they explained the fish selection, sauce preparation for each sushi masterpiece.

Best sushi I have ever had! And I’ve eaten a lot! 3 people for lunch was 50,000 Yen!!! No menu, you sit and they make. It’s an experience you will never forget. More of my photos: Read more.

Best sushi by far we have ever had. Incredibly nice people too.

12.回転寿司 根室花まる Nemuro Hanamaru

丸の内2-7-2 (JPタワー KITTE 5F), Chiyoda, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · 31 tips and reviews

A great place. I have mostly been eating at places like kappa sushi, sushi ro, etc. for sushi while this has a sushi belt, the quality of the sushi is really great, and the price is not bad at all.

The sushi is amazing! Great and very friendly sevice like many places here in Japan

You have to try the seared salmon with Miso and the eggplant rolls. Cheap, fun and so delicious!

13. Sushi Bar Yasuda

南青山4-2-6 (南青山426 B1F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Aoyama · 29 tips and reviews

Fantastic Sushi experience with one of NYC’s top Sushi chiefs, the food will amaze your taste buds, the conversation makes hours pass in minutes. Try Saki chased with a dab of fresh wasabi. NOMTASTIC!

My favorite sushi spot in NYC. No nonsense. sit at the bar if you can and of course go omakase.

Every bite is explosive. Really, scrumptious beyond belief. It’s far from budget, but best sushi experience I’ve had so far in life. Get the omakase, Yasuda-san will be taking you places and beyond.

14. 回し寿司 活美登利 Katsu Midori

上大崎3-1-1 (アトレ目黒2 1F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · Gotanda · 42 tips and reviews

Almost always a line. However, you can always snag an excellent takeaway box of sushi for a great price.

Best sushi in town. Always fresh and tasty. Definitely worth waiting in a line. You can always ask waiter to help you write your order from menu.

Great value for sushi. Worth the wait. Usually goes fast anyway. Best for smaller groups but they have bigger tables for larger groups!

15. 梅丘寿司の美登利総本店 本館 Umegaoka Sushi no Midori

梅丘1-20-7, Setagaya, Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant · 30 tips and reviews

delicious and fresh sushi!!

Sushi No Midori offers an all-you-can-eat plan only on Mondays, and it is only available at the Umegaoka head store.

The tastiest Sushi in an amazing neighborhood. Melt-in your mouth Toro + Uni. Line can get pretty out of control for both lunch and dinner