カツオの捌き方 How to fillet bonito







People in Tokyo, love the year’s first bonito more than people in the rest of Japan do. It is reported that the number of bonitos this spring is smaller than usual and it is very expensive, so people in Tokyo are disappointed with this news. Bonitos are very popular in Japan in spring and autumn. We call the fisrt bonitos in spring “hatsu gatsuo” and call bonito in autumn “modori katsuo”. The taste of the spring bonitos is fresh and the taste of the autumn is fat and sweet. Generally, ordinary people like the autumn bonitos except for people in Tokyo, but people in Tokyo love the first seasonal food. This tradition has continued since the Edo period, although everyone in Tokyo understand that autumn bonitos are reasonable and delicious. This is an aesthetic of Edokko.

Check this topic before drinking with your Japanese colleagues !

Here are movies which introduces how to fillet bonito.

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